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I’m going to show to you, more than $3,000 earning money from udemy!

if you don’t know, Udemy is a online platform that sells online courses and you can also create for free courses you can also be a teacher.

if you know any skills you can share on courses and earn money from the udemy platform

Udemy platform is so powerful because they have a marketing team and they promote our courses .

For teachers is more easy to focus only on courses but if you promote you can earn more money from your promotions.

I trust on this platform and I feel  this is a good way to share knowledge and to earn money from the internet!

If you want to do that i have some tips to increase your performance earning money from udemy.

The most powerful courses to sell more are programming courses, 3D animation, earning money online courses, and so many others, the easy way to know is searching on Google and on udemy.

You can also create courses about personal development or other area that are more difficult to bring students but it is important to have followers or a big list of followers, on that way you can promote to your followers and you can bring also sales for your audience.

So if you are creating courses about a subtopic that is more hard to sell, the best way to sell is having a YouTube channel with that target audience and then you bring the link to your video on YouTube and you can show to your followers that your new course is out and is awesome!

Creating a launch day to launch your courses are important, because sometimes we spend much time to create the course and we will never see the course out.

On Udemy I made $3,000 without promoting, so as you can see these are the stable statistics of earnings and if I promoted I believe I can increase earnings! To do that i need study and have better skills to marketing my courses.

To inspiring you i will show my best online courses that had earning money from udemy. 

My best courses sales are on portugues because are my native language and are more easy to teach. Gimp are a free program to edit images like Photoshop and I the most course that sells are blender video editing course learn how to use blender to edit videos on the professional way.

In the future I will create online courses on English because I’m exercising my English skills to increase and be better talking on the courses.

I also have free courses that are a good way to start the end of the courses i created a bonus class to show the other paid courses in the high discount coupon

I hope this article helps you to earning money from udemy and create courses  fo an extra income.

if you have the skills to do that video I hope the best for you, create an extra income earn money Thanks and see you on other ways to earn legit money.

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hong blogger · May 13, 2019 at 1:56 pm

I realized Udemy promotes first-to market courses no matter their educational quality, which puts students at disadvantage because it works like a Ponzi scheme, first to market courses take all the money. This may be ok for some get rich quick scheme but for educational facility it is very bad.

    admin · May 13, 2019 at 10:17 pm

    Hi dear friend! Yes its true and for new teachers is harder to get people to join the courses. Its like youtube! The biggers channels eats everything!

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